With 30 years’ experience in the preparation of valuations for the purposes of obtaining probate, we are well qualified to interface sympathetically with executors and their professional advisers in order to provide targeted advice for transmission to HMRC. Based on prior experience, we recognise the importance of presenting a modern floor plan of buildings under consideration and will commission a plan on your behalf, unless such detail is already available.

We  prepare a RICS Red Book compliant opinion of value; carefully researched and targeted comparable evidence forms the backbone of the advice provided.


We have many years’ experience in providing valuation advice relating to general taxation.

This includes calculation of value to assist accountants in preparing CGT submissions and the precise positioning of a building in terms of liability under the banded auspices of ATED (annual tax on enveloped developments). Our reports can be prepared at relatively short notice.


From past experience, we would recommend being jointly appointed as an independent expert acting in the interest of both parties in resolving the value of marital assets.

Our sympathetic approach aims to assist the individuals in moving forward in negotiations at a very stressful time.

Balance Sheet


We are proud to possess some 30 years’ experience in providing opinions of value relating to residential property held in offshore jurisdictions.

We have previously advised numerous offshore Trustees in relation to the valuation of residential assets and enjoy a reputation for swift and efficient service.